Zacharie Masimango Katanda is the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Congo.
As Bishop of Kindu from 1996, he was at the forefront of peace and reconciliation work during the 1998-2003 Civil War and has set up micro-finance and HIV/Aids programmes for his diocese.

The Diocese also helps to prepare men and women to be equipped for leadership in their communities through the Berea College. The College trains students in literacy and pastoral care as well as how to apply the Bible to their social and community contexts. It seeks to raise the level of education and to ensure that future leaders and church workers are well equipped to lead the church and its health and education programs.


Bush Church Aid has a heart for people living in remote and regional Australia.
They are committed to going the distance to reach Australia for Christ. People living in sparsely populated areas often don’t benefit from strong support networks. Churches in these areas can struggle financially due to fluctuating populations. Ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain and encouragement can become a rarity. In partnership with Anglican Dioceses across the country, Bush Church Aid places committed and gifted Christians in a variety of locations to help people connect with the grace of God revealed in Jesus.

St Andrew’s Roseville supports Dale and Rachel Barclay (and their children Samuel, Joseph, Eden and Talitha) ministering at the Anglican Parish of Sunraysia South (APOSS) in Red Cliffs, in the Mallee region of Victoria.

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A new Bible College in a strategic area is training pastors for the main evangelical denomination in that country. That includes areas where the gospel has taken root and is growing – in the past, the training of pastors has not kept pace with the need. Malcolm and Leanne work in the college teaching Bible courses and English to students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.


The EU is a group of around 800 Christian students who join together to present Jesus Christ to the University, to encourage each other to stand firm in Christ, and to help each other prepare for a lifetime of Christian service. EU seeks to strengthen Christians in their faith and witness and to encourage them to continually submit every aspect of their life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and ensure that Christians in the University are made aware of the nature, needs and challenge of Christian service at home and abroad.

St Andrew’s Roseville supports Ben Lim as he serves with eufocus, the Evangelical Union’s (EU’s) ministry amongst international students. He recruits, trains and walks alongside Christian students and ministry apprentices to proclaim Christ amongst them and ground new believers in the faith, so that they return home living for and proclaiming Christ.

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Compelled by God’s great love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, SIM cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those who live and die without Him. SIM seeks to make disciples who will trust and obey Jesus, and become part of Christ-centred churches. They work together with churches to fulfil God’s mission across cultures locally and globally, and facilitate
the participation in cross-cultural ministry of those whom God is calling.

St Andrew’s Roseville supports Jenny Fallon, SIM’s NSW/ACT Member Care Coordinator, part of SIM Australia’s Home Ministry staff working behind the scenes to support SIM field missionaries.

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Led by John Dickson, Undeceptions seeks to promote Christ to the public (and help other Christians do the same), through full-time speaking, writing, media, and research.

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Established in 2009, the Barbara May Foundation (BMF) provides funding to Australian medical professionals Valerie Browning AM and Dr Andrew Browning AM. They run projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia that relieve the high incidence of death and extreme injury in pregnancy and childbirth. They provide safety, dignity and hope. Maternal healthcare and medical services are provided at no cost, regardless of race or religion.

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Working in the Diocese of Bathurst under Bishop Mark Calder, Bec Choi serves in the rural parish of Blayney bringing the gospel to women and families. Under God we look forward to seeing this ministry flourish. 

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International Care Ministries provides help, hope and change to ultra-poor families in the Philippines through scalable partnerships with the local church. 

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The vision of Anglican Youthworks is to see an effective youth and children’s ministry in every church. The mission is to support the work of the gospel in churches and schools to present children, youth and families mature in Christ.   

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Zambia’s Child is a non-denominational Christian organisation working to help alleviate poverty in Zambia, primarily through quality Christian education and community development activities. The core aims are to promote long term self sufficiency within the community by providing quality Christian education for Zambian children who would not normally be able to attend school and raising capable Christian leaders. Zambia’s Child also provides skills training, literacy classes and emergency assistance for those in need.

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