In Our
On Sundays
& Weekdays
We Want To
Partner With
Parents To:

Facilitate growth in knowledge
and understanding of the Bible
and God's rescue plan for people;
Encourage personal relationship
with God through trusting Jesus;
Demonstrate how a follower
of Jesus lives,
and equip our children
to share their faith with others


2-3 year olds

Twinklers are just starting to learn how to sit, listen and learn. God's word, the Bible, can become part of what they learn, and they can begin to 'twinkle' with the light of His word in His world.


3-5 year olds (Preschoolers)

Sparklers are starting to put the stories of the Bible together and see the big story it tells about God and people. As their knowledge and their peer group grows, their twinkle will become a 'sparkle'.

Nebs (Nebulae)

5-7 year olds (Kindy to year 2)

Just as a nebula gathers particles that clump to form stars, so our Nebs, with growing reading ability, are gathering information that can 'clump' to reveal God's rescue plan through relationship with Jesus.


8-10 year olds (years 3 and 4)

Just as a comet shines when excited by the Sun's warmth, so our Comets can shine when excited by a growing understanding of what God's rescue plan means for them personally


11-13 year olds (years 5 and 6)

Just as supernovas are bright, energy-filled phenomena that enrich their atmosphere, so our Supernovas can be bright and energy-fllled people who, confident of their rescue, can enrich the lives of others with the good news of Jesus.




  • A community playgroup suitable for parents and young children (0-3 yrs)
  • Mothers and/or fathers and carers are welcome to come and enjoy the company of other parents and carers with young children and provide the children with opportunity to socialise and play.
    The cost each term is $25. This covers the cost of all materials needed and morning-tea.
    Playgroup takes place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during school term from 10am - 12noon in the lower hall church hall.

    Contact: playgroup@standrews.net.au


  • Xtreme is for kids in years 5 and 6 and is primarily a games afternoon
  • Lots of fun and an opportunity for kids to find out how Christianity works.
    The cost of the afternoon is $4. This covers the cost of afternoon-tea and some required incidental equipment.
    Xtreme takes place on Friday afternoons during school term from 3.15-5.30pm in our church hall.

    Contact: xtreme@standrews.net.au